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                           Country Hideaway is a Friday to Friday Interval Resort.
                            CHECK OUT TIME IS 10:00AM - NO EXCEPTIONS.
                    Individuals failing to exit accommodations at scheduled departure
                 date and time shall be subject to a charge of $50.00 per each 30 minutes
                                    or portion thereof past 10:00am.

         1. Load dishwasher with all dirty dishes and start dishwasher.
             Do not overload. Hand wash if necessary.

         2. Place all trash in the dumpster located behind the grill area in front of  Building 102.

         3. Strip the bed linens and place in pillowcases along with towels on the kitchen floor (leave
              mattress pad, blanket and bedspread in the bedroom).

         4. Place all soiled dish cloths and pot holders in kitchen sink.

         5. Replace furniture to its original position - if it has been rearranged.

         6. Double check your unit to make sure you have all your belongings. The resort is not
             responsible for lost and found items.

         7. Return the key to the Country Hideaway Check-In/Management Office. If you are checking
             out during hours when the office is closed, place your key in the key drop box located AMENITIES     CHECK OUT PROCEDURES
             next to the office. Please do not leave the key in the unit. There will be a $20.00
             service fee charge per key not returned.

                                DURING SEASON - Remove ashes from the fireplace. Ash buckets
                                are located at the firewood racks near the condominium buildings.
                                Make sure ashes are cold before removing. Remove all wood from
                                unit, decks, and porches and return to wood racks.

            Please remember to double check all drawers, cabinets, and
              closets for personal belongings. We perform a thorough
                    inspection and inventory upon your departure.
              The resort is not responsible for lost and found items.
                  Special Reminder: CELL PHONE CHARGERS!!!

                     HAVE A SAFE TRIP HOME!
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