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                                            SECURITY DEPOSIT
                                            In accordance with Country Hideaway Condominium Association policy, a
                                            $100.00 security deposit is required upon check in. Following your departure,
                                            we shred credit card slips and checks provided no damages are assessed,
                                            check out procedures are followed completely and carpets are left clean. If you
                                            would like your credit card slip or check returned to you, please provide the
                                            management office with a self addressed stamped envelope. REMEMBER -
                                            the money you save will be your own.

                                            STORM WATCHES OR WARNINGS
                                            The resort is located in White County, Georgia. Adjoining counties to the south
                                            is Hall County, to the west are Forsyth, Lumpkin and Dawson Counties and to
                                            the east is Habersham County.
                                            A Tornado Siren is located within the Resort. The Siren is tested on the
                                            first Wednesday of the month at 11:00am. If there is inclement weather in
                                            the area and the siren sounds, you should take cover immediately.
                                            If a tornado warning is issued take cover immediately away from windows and
                                            to the center most protected area of your unit. The basement of the Country
                                            Store and Members Lodge is provided as an underground shelter. If you
                                            choose to proceed to the basement area of the Country Store, please go the
                                            back of the building and proceed to the basement area until danger has
                                            A special note about winter weather: Porches, decks, steps, sidewalks,
                                            parking areas and other outdoor surfaces may develop ice. Please observe
                                            extra caution during winter months.

                                            TELEPHONE INFORMATION
                                            In the event of an emergency dial 9 - 911. Friends and family members may
                                            reach you by dialing 706-865-7666 and asking for your extension number
                                            (located on your unit phone) or by entering your extension through the
                                            automated answering system. To make an outgoing call, dial 9 to get an outside
                                            line. If you get a busy signal all outside lines are being used, please try your call
                                            again later. All long distance calls must be made with a calling card. Cards are
                                            available for sale at the Front Desk. To reach the Country Hideaway
                                            Front Desk, Housekeeping or Maintenance, please dial 0.
                                            Voice mail messaging and automated answering is associated
                                            with the telephone system. If the red light is blinking on the phone
                                            in your unit, dial 1500 and follow the directions to retrieve your

                                            TOWEL EXCHANGE
                                            Towel Exchange is Tuesday mornings between the hours of 8:30am and
                                            10:00am. Bring your towels to the Housekeeping Department located in the
                                            basement area of Country Hideaway Management Office for exchange. The
                                            driveway to the Housekeeping Department is located just beyond the well
                                            house in front of  Building 105 or you may also access Housekeeping  from the
                                            upper level of the Management Office by the stairway from the rear deck. The
                                            Housekeeping Staff will be available during these hours to service your
                                            housekeeping needs.

                                            UNIT SUPPLIES
                                            We have provided for your convenience some products to start your vacation -
                                            1 coffee packet, 1 roll of paper towels, toilet tissue, dishwashing and
                                            dishwasher detergent, soap & trash bags. Extra supplies are available at the
                                            Housekeeping Department during hours of towel exchange for a fee.
                                            Note: a vacuum cleaner, broom, mop, dust pan, iron and ironing board are
                                            furnished in each unit for your convenience.
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