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         If you have your own computer, DSL connection and Wireless
         connection is available at Country Hideaway Check-In /
         Management Office. Wireless connection is also available at
         Mountain Lakes Clubhouse and at the Country Store/
         Members Lodge.

         The driveway to the Housekeeping Department is located just beyond the well
         house in front of Building 105 or you may also access Housekeeping from the
         upper level of the Check-In Office by the stairway from the rear deck.
         If you would like to schedule a Mid-Week Housekeeping Service (fee
         charged $50.00) during your stay, please contact the front desk. Country
         Hideaway guests may dial 0 from the phone inside the unit or just stop by the
         office to schedule service. Services may be scheduled for Tuesday or
         Wednesday. Fee must be paid at time service is scheduled - no refunds for
         cancellation of service. Mid-Week Housekeeping Service is best described as
         a limited general clean. Service included as follows: change bed linens and
         make the beds, exchange clean towels for the dirty, replenish used supplies,
         empty trash cans, wipe down countertops, clean bathroom fixtures and floor,
         clean kitchen floor, vacuum carpet (without moving guest property).

         Each unit is supplied with sheets for each bed including the sofa bed. There
         are 6 towel sets in each unit. In C & D units extra bed linens and towels can
         be found in the linen closet in the upstairs bedroom. In A & B units extra linens
         and towels are in the linen closet in the bathroom. In 1 bedroom units extra
         linens are located in the bedroom closet and towels are under the sink in the  RESORT INFORMATION
         bathroom. Please do not remove towels, blankets, etc. from the unit.
         Additional bath towel sets are available at a cost of $25.00 for bath set of six.
         Pool towels are available for check out at no cost at the Check-In Office.

         The Laundry Room is located in the Housekeeping
         Department on the lower level of the Check-In Office.
         Laundry facilities are available to registered guests and
         staff only. The use of the laundry facilities is at your own
         risk. The color coded key on the key tag with your unit key will give you
         access to the laundry room. Laundry detergent and fabric softener sheets are
         available for sale at the Check -In Office during office hours. Upon departure
         from the Laundry Room, please ensure that lights are turned off and the door
         is closed. The door will lock automatically, you must have a key for entry.  Do
         not leave clothes unattended.

         Each unit has a designated parking space. If you have more than 1 vehicle,
         you may park the additional vehicle(s) in the parking area next to the
         Management Office or in the parking area at the Clubhouse. DO NOT park on
         grass area or in front of the well house (located across from Building 105). All
         vehicles must have a parking pass. Please hang your parking pass on the
         rear view mirror when you are at the resort.

         The refrigerator controls are set for maximum efficiency, please do not adjust
         controls. If your refrigerator is not cooling properly, contact the Management
         Office for service.
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