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                                                              7 WAYS TO HELP US HELP YOU
                                                In order for check-in time to remain at 4 o’clock, we must ask everyone’s
                                                    cooperation while you are vacationing with us. Excessive abuse
                                                 of the Villas and late check-outs have caused us considerable time and
                                                        expense in keeping these Villas in adequate condition.
                                                       Think of Petit Crest as “YOUR HOME FOR THE WEEK”!

                                                       Please consider the following items as requirements:

                                             1.  DISHWASHER: We have received several comments about dirty dishes in
                                             the cabinets. To avoid this inconvenience, be sure and load the dishwasher
                                             properly. For maximum performance of your dishwasher turn on your kitchen
                                             faucet until water is hot.  This will dissolve the soap. Scrape and rinse all the
                                             dishes before putting them in the dishwasher. Examine them before putting
                                             them back in the cabinets, making sure they are clean and not chipped.

                                             2.  STOVE: Wipe up any spills on the stove top, including the drip pans, or
                                             inside the oven as soon as possible. The drip pans will blister if the spills are
                                             not wiped up promptly. Do not line the oven with aluminum foil, this can
                                             damage the self-cleaning surface of the oven.

                                              3.  WASHER/DRYER: Clean the dryer filter after each use to reduce drying
                                             time. Check to make sure you haven’t left any items there. Do not overload the

                                             4.  MICROWAVE: Please wipe it out if you spill something inside.

                                             5.  DISPOSAL: Run lots of water when using the disposal; this will help keep
                                             any offensive odors from coming in through the drains. Disposal switch is
                                             located under the sink, inside the cabinet.

                                             6. CUTTING BOARD and COUNTER TOPS: Clean the cutting board regularly
                                             with hot, soapy water to avoid cross-contamination. Do not leave any food or
                                             crumbs in the sink or counter-top area since this will attract unwanted bugs
                                             from the outside.

                                             7.  Please follow the CHECK-OUT PROCEDURES listing we have prepared in
                                             your packet.  Any trash that will not fit in the trash cans or that has an offensive
                                             odor, please take it to the North Gate trash compactor for disposal. Recycling
                                             is available to you at the North Gate trash facility. Promptly report any inventory
                                             items missing or any other problems you encounter to the Front Desk at 706-
                                                                  A MESSAGE FROM GILL

                                             Hey! Don’t put me or any parts of me down the disposal or it will cost you
                                             $75.00! I tear up the disposal, and besides even if I did make it thru the grind,
                                             I don’t swim well in the sewer!!! Seriously, I have cost these folks here at Petit
                                             Crest significant  money by clogging their disposals, and there is no way to
                                             repair them. It also leaves a terrible odor in the sink for the next person, who
                                             may not like fish as much as you! So, just clean me in the sink, put the
                                             remains in the freezer (not down the disposal) until trash day
                                              - OK?
                                             Signed: GillGill (aka the fish)
                                               DON’T PUT ME DO
                                               DON’T PUT ME DOWN THE DISPOSAL!
                                               DON’T PUT ME DOWN THE DISPOSWN THE DISPOSAL!AL!
                                               DON’T PUT ME DOWN THE DISPOSWN THE DISPOSAL!AL!
                                               DON’T PUT ME DO
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