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                                                     BARBECUE - GRILLING
                                                     Located at Playfield Park. Check at the office for any burning bans.

                                                     FIRE SAFETY
                                                     Extinguishers are provided in the Living Room closet in every Villa.
                                                     FIRE EMERGENCY, Dial 911. Vacate the Villa.

                                                     HOUSEKEEPING SERVICE
                                                     If you are staying (1)  week we can provide a Mid-Week Cleaning.
                                                     This is available for a $61.00 fee, on Wednesdays. Please give a 24
                                                     hour notice. If you are staying (2) weeks we provide a Mid-Stay
                                                     Cleaning on Thursdays, at no additional charge.
                                                     Insects and varmints of all kinds share the wildlife
                                                     sanctuary of Big Canoe. Every effort is made to control
                                                     their activities including monthly visits by an exterminator.
                                                     Unfortunately, bears, raccoons, and opossums will visit your trash
                                                     cans; insects will escape from the woods into your Villa. We are sorry
                                                     we are unable to change your Villa due to these mostly harmless but
                                                     aggravating creatures.
                                                     LAUNDRY FACILITIES
                                                     Located in the kitchen is your washer / dryer.

                                                     LINENS & TOWELS
                                                     Your Villa should be adequately stocked. Your beds have been
                                                     prepared prior to your arrival. Blankets, should you need them,  are
                                                     located in the closets. Each bath has (4) complete sets of towels.
                                                     There are (2) sets on each towel bar in both baths and (2) sets in each
                                                     bathroom drawer.

                                                     For your convenience, we have a limited number of videos, puzzles,
                                                     and games in Villa 636 that we loan to our guests free of charge.We
                                                     also have available on a first come, first serve basis the following
                                                     household items: card table & chairs, cheese grater, crock pot,
                                                     electric hand mixer, George Foreman grill, hair dryer, muffin tins, pizza
                                                     pan with cutter, various Pyrex cooking dishes,  roasting pans, and
                                                     stock pot(large). Baby items available for loan are: baby gate, booster
                                                     chair, high chair, portable crib. Should you find a need for any of these
                                                     items, please call the Front Desk at 706-268-3600.

                                                     Should you have any problems in your Villa, please do not hesitate to
                                                     call the Front Desk (Villa 636) at 706-268-3600, from 9:00AM to
                                                     4:00PM. After Hour Emergency Assistance: If an emergency
                                                     should arise please call Villa 636, 706-268-3600. Our phones are
                                                     manned 24/7. For medical or any other emergency, dial 911.

                                                     NO SMOKING IN  VILLAS
                                                     There is no smoking allowed in any of the Villas. A fine of $100 will be
                                                     levied upon violators to cover costs.

                                                     NO PETS are allowed. A $100.00 per day
                                                     minimum fine will be levied to cover costs.
                                                     Please call the office for information on nearby kennels.
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