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                                                                             PETIT CREST VILLAS
                                                                   ANOTHER QUALITY RESORT MANAGED BY
                                                                  RAL RESORT PROPERTY MANAGEMENT, INC.
                                                            17810 San Carlos Blvd • Ft. Myers Bch, FL 33931
                                                            Phone: 1-877-481-9580 • Fax: 1-239-481-9386

                                                            RAL Resort Property Management is dedicated to making
                                                            your vacation experience a memorable one.  Please contact
                                                            the Front Desk in Villa 636, 706-268-3600 with any special
                                                            needs you may require during your stay. We will do our best to
                                                            accommodate you. Petit Crest Villas timeshare sales
                                                            specialist, Jamie Kemp can be reached at 706-268-3600. For
                                                            additional sales and rental information please call the Front
                                                            Desk, Villa 636 or contact the management office listed above
                                                            and speak to one of our reservation agents. Also, the websites
                                                   and are
                                                            available as a 24-hour information center.

                                                                  RAL RESORT PROPERTY MANAGEMENT, INC.
                                                            President       John R. Shaw
                                                            Vice President   Debra Shaw

                                                                    BOARD OF DIRECTORS & MANAGEMENT
                                                            President        Penny Barker
                                                            Secretary/TreasurerJo Ann Stoddard
                                                            Director         Debra Eason
                                                            Director         Ron Lipke  
                                                            Director         Karen Foster
                                                            Director         Arlen Harris   
                                                            Director         Karen Witengier

                                                            SPOTLIGHT ON SCAMS
                                                            We are the best source for Sales and Rentals. CALL US
                                                            FIRST!!! Phone 706-268-3600. If you secure a Buyer for your
                                                            deeded week, the new owner(s) must complete “New Owner
                                                            Information or Existing Owner Transfer of Deed” and return to
                                                            Petit Crest Villas along with a copy of the existing recorded
                                                            Deed, social security number(s) and a copy of the new
                                                            owner(s) driver’s license. Petit Crest is unable to accept
                                                            Companies, Corporations or LLC’s. A Federal ID Number is not
                                                            acceptable. Additionally, we require all transfers of ownership
                                                            call our office for a Confirmation Transfer Number.

                                                            SOME RULES TO AVOID BECOMING A VICTIM
                                                            Consumer awareness is vital to help prevent fraud before it
                                                            happens. Here are some simple common sense guidelines if
                                                            you receive a phone call, post cards or emails about selling or
                                                            renting your week:
                                                            1. Do not give out any personal information, sign anything or
                                                            pay anything.
                                                            2. If you are unable to resist, have an attorney contact the
                                                            solicitor to handle the entire transaction on your behalf.
                                                            3. Deal with licensed resale brokers and other trusted sources
                                                            whose contact information can be fully verified.
                                                            4. In other words, do what your mother told you. “Don’t talk to
                                                            5. All instances of timeshare fraud need to be reported by
                                                            victims to state law enforcement, consumer protection agencies,
                                                            the do-not-call registry and the Federal Trade Commission.
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