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                                     •  The Villas are built on the side of a mountain; while we try to accommodate requests for
                                     Villas that are easily accessible sometimes we are unable to fulfill those requests. We do
                                     not have any handicap accessible Villas.

                                     •  The kitchen track lights are operated by the switch at the front door. There is a small,
                                     square dimmer button just beside the switch that controls the brightness of these lights.

                                     •  We have installed new energy-saving and brighter halogen bulbs in all the Villas.  You will
                                     notice an increase in intensity as the bulb warms up. These bulbs provide more light and
                                     less heat, subsequently saving money and wear and tear of our lamp shades. They do
                                     function a little differently than a typical light bulb. You will notice a short pause before the
                                     light comes on. For the 3-way bulbs, you can cycle through the switch for the desired
                                     intensity. If a bulb does not work, please report it as soon as possible. These long-life bulbs
                                     are guaranteed and the bulbs should not be thrown away, but kept for return to the maintenance
                                     department when a replacement bulb is installed. Any missing bulbs will be charged to your
                                     account accordingly.

                                     •  Some of the door locks on the sliding glass doors are hard to lock. These are new doors
                                     and may need adjusting. Let the office know if you have difficulties.

                                     •  In order to work your DVD/VCR combination unit, be sure your television is on
                                     channel 3. Please turn your DVD/VCR player off when watching television—this will enable
                                     you to reach all available channels.

                                     • We now offer complimentary wireless internet access. Use your Wi-Fi
                                     enabled device to log in and go online. Please follow these steps to connect.
                                         1. Go to your connection settings or wireless settings on your
                                            computer or other devices;  IPad, Nook, Kindle and Cell Phones.
                                         2. Scan to find your Villa’s specific wireless router.  Example:  If you
                                            are staying in Villa 601, the name of your router will be PCV601.
                                         3. Click the proper router for your Villa and click connect.
                                         4. Enter your password 601PC…….., the password is case sensitive so pay close
                                            attention. The password is printed on your Check-In Package on the front cover.
                                         5. Open your internet browser and enjoy.
                                         6. We recommend using (1) device at a time for optimum service.
                                     To reset your modem, DO NOT TOUCH the box. Simply unplug the black plug from the
                                     socket behind the night stand in the Queen Bedroom. Wait 10 seconds. Then plug back
                                     into the socket. That should reset the modem properly. Please do not remove the modem
                                     from the wall or try to reset the modem in any other way. Damage to the modem or
                                     attempting to change the access codes from other than the pre-set ones will
                                     result in a service charge to the credit card we have on file. If you have any
                                     questions or trouble connecting, give us a call at the office, 706-268-3600, Monday –
                                     Saturday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

                                     •  Please do not adjust the temperature setting on your refrigerator. If the refrigerator is
                                     turned to the coldest setting, it will most times freeze the valve that allows the cold air to
                                     circulate throughout the refrigerator and freezer, thus not allowing the unit to cool properly.
                                     It may also cause it to leak.

                                     •  Do not adjust the thermostat on the air conditioning unit lower than 70 degrees in the
                                     summer. The unit will actually “freeze” and only time will allow it to “thaw”. If you need
                                     assistance, please call the office.
                                     •  The switch for the disposal is located in the cabinet under the kitchen sink.

                                     • Your vacuum cleaner has an automatic cut-off when the bag needs to be replaced. There
                                     should be an extra bag in your living room closet. The vacuum will need about 15 minutes
                                     for it to reset after the bag has been replaced.
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